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Ageless Adventures,
Where Laughter
Never Grows Old!

Old people enjoying the Big Coffee Morning Newcastle

The Big
Coffee Mo

Based in Newcastle-Upon Tyne is your go-to event company for unforgettable entertainment tailored to the elderly. Experience monthly doses of laughter with hilarious comedians, marvel at incredible musical acts, enjoy captivating performers, and immerse yourself in interactive theatre with audience participation.

Our events are designed to bring communities together focusing on residents of care homes and individuals living alone. Fostering the joy of reliving youth and forging new friendships. Indulge in complimentary coffee and cake, with skilled activity coordinators ensuring each event runs seamlessly.

Elevate your social experience with The Big Coffee Morning.

The dinner lades

Meet the Dinner Ladies from the Bread and Butter Theatre Company

Our next

Thursday 25th April, 2024

With Britains Got Talent Finalist

Jamie Lee Harrison, hosted by the hilarious Dinner Ladies, with lots more surprises.

Man Playing Saxophone


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